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About Us

Aaron and April Leusink
We are the Leusink Family from LeMars, IA.  We are a family of 6 ( "Leu6" ) that loves the Vizsla breed and have been owners since 1999.   Our family is very active, so the Vizsla is a great fit for us.  We have been breeding quality puppies for more than 20 years.  We have carefully placed our puppies with loving families from coast to coast in the United States.  In fact, we have numerous return customers based on our honest and informative communication along with top quality Vizsla puppies.  Our children are ages 13-22 and they love to interact with the puppies from the moment they are born.  Please check the site for pictures and information about our Vizslas and contact us for current availability.  

About the Vizsla
A good description of the Vizsla breed can be found at which says:

The Vizsla is easily recognized by his sleek golden-rust coat. They can stand between 21 to 24 inches at the shoulder and are the picture of a lean, light-footed hunter’s companion. The long, silky ears frame a facial expression that is sensitive and loving around the house and intense when at work. As a hunter expected to work closely with humans, Vizslas form a tight bond with their owners and hate to be left alone.

Athletes of many talents, Vizslas excel at various sports and activities. They are eager and graceful trotters of great stamina, making them ideal jogging or biking companions. An expert on the breed tells us, “If you don’t have the time to encourage this breed’s full use of its brain, you’re wasting a good dog.”

I agree with this description and strongly encourage all potential new owners to fully understand the Vizsla breed before deciding if it is the right breed for your lifestyle.  They do not enjoy sitting in a kennel during the day and taking a walk on a leash at night.  They require daily interaction and room to run and explore off leash.  They make excellent companions for active families.  


Purchasing a Vizsla Puppy 
Males and Females are $1,700.  We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy for you.  The picking order is determined by the order in which deposits are received.  We accept cash, personal checks, and certified bank checks.  Final payments must be made by at least two weeks prior to puppy departure if shipping is required.  We start matching puppies to families at approximately 6 weeks old.  If you are unable to visit us and interact with the puppies, we will assist you in the picking process by providing pictures, videos, and descriptions to the best of our ability.  Although we do our best to find the best matched puppy for you, their outcome largely depends on the new owners.  

Health Guarantee

A purchased puppy is genetically guaranteed for 2 years.  The guarantee states that your puppy will be purebred and the pedigree is correct.  The puppy is eligible to be registered with the AKC and will be free of all disqualifying faults for its breed.  The dog is in no way guaranteed to win in the field or show ring.  It is understood that with proper care on the part of the buyer, in due time, the dog should be of acceptable temperament and structure and should embody the basic standards of the breed.  No other warranties or guarantees expressed or implied are made under the purchase contract.  

  • Refund:  If the dog doesn't meet the requirements, I will replace the dog with the next available prospect from the next litter.  The dog must be be vet checked and signed papers from vet explaining the fault must be provided to the seller before the guarantee is honored.  

  • Live dogs with faults covered in this contract must be returned to the seller with the registration papers.  A certified vet report must also be provided explaining the fault.  This report is subject to a second opinion by a certified veteranarian of the seller's choice.  

  • If the dog has a genetic disease, the AKC papers must be returned and a certified vet report must be provided to the seller before the guarantee is honored.  ​​

*Minor hip dysplasia is not a fault that will be honored for the guarantee.  Any dogs with more than minor will be accepted.  The guarantee is good for a period of two years after the birth date of the dog.  After that, all guarantees are void.  



We have shipped puppies by airline many times over the years with no problems.  The cost to ship a puppy varies by location but will cost approximately $400 in addition to the cost of the puppy.  Puppies must be 8 weeks old to ship.  We also have a ground service available for approximately the same price.  Please contact us for more information about the shipping process.    

Our Puppies

All our puppies will be wormed and current on vaccinations before they leave our care.  They can be released after 7 weeks old.  Please contact us for the most current availablity.  Please visit our Facebook page, Leusink Vizslas, where it is easiest to post weekly photos and videos.  You can contact us by Phone, email, or through Facebook.  We try to be quick in our response if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  Aaron's Cell phone (712) 541-2512 April's Cell phone (712) 540-9583 and email:  

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